Helpful Tips to Care for and Clean Jewelry

Often times, people spend a lot of money to buy flashy and expensive jewelry. However, they then promptly damage, scratch or dent the jewelry while storing or cleaning jewelry. Some of the common mistakes are using inappropriate cleaners, storing jewelry in areas where it can be easily damaged, and leaving jewelry out in the sun.
Jewelry Cleaning

Helpful Tips to Care for and Clean Jewelry

Here are some helpful tips to keep your jewelry safe.

  1. Keep your jewelry away from Chemicals

Exposure to chemicals can damage precisions metals. Some examples of everyday substances that affect gemstones are hairspray, lotion, and perfume. The chemicals in these substances can permanently affect and damage the surface of pearls and other gems. Be sure to remove jewelry before going into a swimming pool or using household cleaners.

  1. Be careful with light and heat

Light and heat can affect the durability and color of a gemstone. Gemstones such as topaz and amethyst can be severely damaged by overexposure to the sun’s rays or other forms of light. In addition to gemstones, pearls and other delicate materials will bleach if overexposed to light.

  1. Safely store and clean your jewelry
    1. Most jewelry comes in a box or pouch. This is often the best place to keep it to avoid damage.
    2. Jewelry boxes can also be used.
    3. The safest methods for cleaning are often the easiest
    4. Most gems can be cleaned with warm water, a small brush, and mild dish soap.