Jewelry Repair Services in Lincroft, NJ

At Lincroft Village Jewelers we are dedicated to providing our clients with high-quality service. As a family owned business, our goal is to ensure that every customer is pleased with their experience, as well as their purchase.

First-Class Jewelry Repair Services in New Jersey

Whether you have a broken clasp on your favorite bracelet or your new ring needs resizing, we are available to fulfill any repair need. Our experienced team is equipped to work with any metal type including silver, gold, platinum, as well as any combination of the three. Repair options include diamond setting, bracelet repair, chain repair, re-cutting of gems, ring sizing, prong replacement, and rhodium refinishing.

Along with rings, diamonds, and bracelets, we also offer repair services for your valuable timepieces. By using manufacturer-authorized facilities, we ensure that your items will be as good as new. Services include general repairs, quartz tune-ups, battery replacement, band replacements, and more. We understand the importance of preserving your fine watches, and we also provide routine maintenance options.

Same Day Jewelry Repair

Our professionals at Lincroft Village Jewelers know the value of timely service. That’s why, to provide you with a higher level of convenience, we offer same-day repairs. Get an emergency fix such as replacing a watch battery, changing ring or earring prongs to secure a diamond, fixing the clasp on a pendant or necklace, or having a wedding ring resized. Whatever the case may be, we are here to help in a timely fashion.

Why Choose Us?

Not only do we have an extremely knowledgeable and caring staff, but we also have our very own on-site jeweler. We are dedicated to educating our customers, while also helping to select a beautiful new piece of jewelry or helping with a last minute emergency jewelry repair. Connect with us today to learn about how we can best serve you.