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Timeless Timepieces: Find the Watch to Perfectly Compliment Your Personal Style at Lincroft Village Jewelers

At Lincroft Village Jewelers, we are proud to highlight a variety of watches from the Citizen Eco Drive Collection. The Eco Drive Collection is powered by sunlight, so that you will never have to replace a battery. This is not only more convenient for our customers, but is also one small step we can take in helping improve the environment by helping keep toxic batteries out of landfills.

You may wonder why timepieces have stayed in fashion when most people can simply check their phones for time. That is because a beautiful watch is a statement piece. Sure, you can send a message with a high-dollar watch, but you do not have to spend an exorbitant amount to send a message with your wrist wear. The watch you choose says many things about your personality, not only giving hints to your personal style, but also to your hobbies and even your opinion on sustainability and the environment. Who knew you could convey so much information with a simple accessory?
Functional fashion. There may be no better description for a watch than functional fashion. In fact, the fashion element has grown increasingly more important as the need for a wristwatch has declined. While most people no longer need a wristwatch to tell time, because of the ubiquitous presence of smartphones and other devices that share time, the wristwatch remains a popular and enduring fashion accessory. At Lincroft Village Jewelers, we offer a wide range of different wristwatch types and brands for men and women, to help you complete your signature look.

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