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At Lincroft Village Jewelers, we not only sell fine jewelry, but also buy gold, platinum, silver, diamonds, and estate jewelry. Whether it is a piece you once adored but is no longer your style, broken jewelry, a wedding or engagement ring from a relationship you would rather forget, or a piece you inherited but never really liked, we can give you cash for your unwanted jewelry.

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    People are surprisingly sentimental about jewelry, even jewelry that they do not like. However, think about it; what can you really do with jewelry you no longer wear? You can let it sit in a jewelry box, where it can do nothing for you. You can hold onto it to pass down to your children or grandchildren, but, chances are, if you thought the jewelry was their style, you would have already given it to them. A better option is to sell it and use the money to buy something you will enjoy.

    In fact, we have a challenge for you. Head to your jewelry box and look through it. We bet you will be surprised how many pieces of jewelry you have that you simply do not wear. What could you do with the proceeds if you sold that jewelry? You probably have no idea, because you probably do not know what it is worth. The price of gold has sky rocketed recently, and the prices of gemstones and other precious metals have remained high. Your unused jewelry may be worth a small fortune. We will appraise it and make you a cash offer. Want to buy yourself a special piece of jewelry with the proceeds? If you choose in-store credit, you can get 25% more.

    At Lincroft Village Jewelers, we want to be your one-stop jeweler. Whether you are coming to us to buy a piece of beautiful jewelry or because we buy gold, we promise the same high level of customer service.

    Are you looking to get information from a jeweler who does gold buying in New Jersey? At Lincroft Village Jewelers, we are gold buying professionals who buy gold, coins, silverware, diamonds, and more. We know that you want to get a fair payout for your gold. Talk to us today and we can help you get information so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not to sell gold or other jewelry, coins, or silverware to us.

    Get a Fair Payout When You Sell Gold to Lincroft Village Jewelers in New Jersey

    Gold buying payout amounts range significantly, depending on who you talk to about gold buying. It’s to your advantage to get more than one quote before you sell gold. Not all gold buying professionals pay out at the same rate.

    Whether you are looking to liquidate some of your assets due to a need or you simply want to clear out unwanted and unneeded gold and other jewelry and want to be sure you get a fair payout we are happy to offer information about the going rate for selling gold to us. Get information today without obligation.

    Lincroft Village Jewelers: Renowned Lincroft, NJ Jewelry Experts

    Lincroft Village Jewelers serves several communities in the Lincroft, New Jersey area and in addition to gold buying, we sell gorgeous jewelry as well as offer appraisals. Get an appraisal on gold, silver, platinum, coins, precious gems such as diamonds, and more. We are an established Lincroft, NJ jeweler with an excellent reputation. We can also help you if you are looking to buy new jewelry, arrange for jewelry repair and watch repair, and we also offer inscribing as well as jewelry insurance, too.