4 Things to Look for When Purchasing a White Diamond

4 Things to Look for When Purchasing a White Diamond

Diamond buying can be nerve-wracking. Are you getting what you’re paying for? Will the person you’re buying it for love it as much as you hope they will? How can you be sure of the quality of your purchase?

All you have to remember is – as the Boston Globe puts it – the four C’s of diamond buying. Before you make another major diamond purchase, read this brief guide to choosing the best stones.

If you want the industry standard of excellence in diamonds, you want a colorless or “white” diamond. These beautiful stones are beloved the world over for their timeless, matchless versatility and glamour. Jewelry stores everywhere have seen an increase in customers asking to browse colored diamonds and other stones, but while trends come and go, colorless stones are a classic.

When grading white diamond color, the most elusive – and there, expensive – stones are those who receive a rating of D. These are completely colorless. E and F-rated stones are also highly prized, and cheaper, more readily-available G and H-rated pieces are nearly impossible to discern from their more expensive relatives. Stay in this range, though, unless you want a diamond with a yellowish cast.

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Clarity describes how flawless your gemstone is. The clearer the stone, the fewer faults it has. Cloudy stones are undesirable, as they have a dirty or worn look. Always choose the clearest stones, and ask to examine them carefully before buying.

The way a diamond is cut will influence much of the way it looks. The more surfaces or facets a diamond has, the more reflective it will be. This makes a major difference for diamonds used in jewelry, as part of the fun of a diamond is the way it glitters as it catches the light. Look for a cut that offers the shine you want, or asks your jeweler for recommendations.

While carat weight determines price, there is little other influence it has on the quality of the stone other than those of personal preference and taste. Your piece of jewelry may look just as good with several small stones totaling one-carat weight as it would with a single, larger stone of that size and equal stone quality. However, the piece with smaller stones would cost less, making it a better choice for buyers with a budget in mind.

Don’t settle for anything less than exactly what you want. Purchase from a reputable dealer of fine quality diamonds and jewelry, and get the best your money can buy.