Where To Sell Gold In New Jersey

Where To Sell Gold In New Jersey

Old jewelry that is damaged, no longer in style, or no longer an item you want to wear takes up space and sits around collecting dust. In New Jersey, people searching online for a place that buys gold near me may find a lot of different possibilities. However, not all offer the same top prices and honest service.

The first step is to decide where to sell gold jewelry. There are three options to consider. These include private sales, sales to pawn shops, or sales to established jewelry stores. At Lincroft Village Jewelers, we are one of the few local jewelers with the ability to appraise jewelry and to act as a gold buying store in New Jersey.

Private Sales

Private sales through online advertisements, online auctions, or through other types of processes are always difficult. It is challenging to know how much to ask based on the condition of the jewelry. There is also the issue of security, paying for the advertising, and ensuring the buyer is going to be willing to pay cash for gold, silver, or platinum jewelry items.

Pawn Shops

There are different types of pawn shops throughout New Jersey. The advantage of selling jewelry through a pawn shop is they do offer cash for gold, silver, gemstone jewelry, and even estate and vintage jewelry items.

The challenge in selling to pawn shops is the low rate typically offered on the jewelry items. While these shops are regulated and follow laws to provide consumer protection, their business model is to purchase items at a low price and sell to make a profit.

When selling jewelry at these businesses, it is important to know the current rate for the type of jewelry. It is also essential to separate any scrap type of jewelry from items you want to sell by the piece, as they often group everything by basic metal value.

Selling at Lincroft Village Jewelers

For those interested in getting the fair market value when they sell gold or jewelry, our experts at Lincroft Village Jewelers offer the best possible way to manage the process.

We buy all types of jewelry items, and we always take the time to appraise the item to provide a fair market value based on the condition and type of jewelry. We recommend anyone selling jewelry consider at least two quotes before selling. This helps to ensure you are offered the current market value for all broken, unused, or unwanted jewelry, coins, or gemstones.