Where to Sell Gold Jewelry

Where to Sell Gold Jewelry

Need to sell your gold jewelry? It can be difficult to know who to trust. Some jewelers in New Jersey buy and sell gold, while others only sell jewelry. Pawn shops may reliably purchase gold and other precious metals, but you are unlikely to get a fair price at those locations. Lincroft Village Jewelers is a jewelry store in New Jersey that buys your unwanted gold. We offer you fair prices for your gold, silver, platinum, precious stones, and estate jewelry. We also buy diamonds of all sizes!

In order to make sure that you are getting a fair price, you have to be confident in the appraisal values that you get. That is why Lincroft Village Jewelers offers a transparent four-step process when making an offer to purchase your gold.

First, we survey the piece. The condition of the piece may impact the offer. Broken jewelry or jewelry that is out of style, but not estate quality, may mean an offer based solely on the karat and weight of the gold. On the other hand, some pieces of estate jewelry may command a higher offering price because of their age and historical condition. So, we begin by examining the piece of jewelry.

Next, we make an estimate of the value of the piece. For offers based purely on weight, we consult the current marketplace value of the gold. For offers based on retail value of the piece, we consider those factors. Then, we provide you with an offer for our purchase.

If you have questions about the estimate, we are happy to answer them. We explain how we valued the item. Sometimes people are disappointed if a valuation is less than what they paid for a piece, especially since the price of gold has been on the rise. However, there is a difference in purchase value and market value. Most gold resellers will pay between 75% and 90% of the market “melt “price for gold. That may be more or less than what you paid for the piece, depending on the original price of gold and whatever you paid for the artwork in the piece.

If you decide you like our offer, we can pay for the gold immediately. We pay cash for your unwanted gold, silver, and platinum jewelry. We also purchase gems, estate jewelry, and watches.