Regular Appraisal From A Reliable Appraiser

Regular Appraisal From A Reliable Jewelry Appraiser

Like a vintage car or well-aged wine, jewelry can appreciate over time if properly cared for. From rare gems to costume pieces, it is wise to seek the expert guidance of a professional appraiser whenever you come across or inherit old jewelry.

What To Have Appraised

As with most purchases, immediate appraisal is recommended for all New Jersey residents who find themselves the unwitting owner of hand-me-down jewels. Given the oscillating price market of gems and precious metals, regular appraisal is recommended for all pieces and sets that contain materials of questionable worth. Of course, not every ring or necklace is diamond-encrusted, and it is all too common to assume that this equates to little value; surpisringly, the unique and rare nature of many jewelry pieces mean that Grandma’s once-inexpensive broach may actually bring you a small fortune!

Where To Have It Appraised

Just as you wouldn’t buy an engagement ring from a street peddler, you would be ill fated to bring jewelry to an unlicensed appraiser. When looking for a reputable provider of appraisal services, search around to ensure that your estimate will be as accurate as your estimator is reliable. Especially if you are interested in obtaining insurance coverage for your items, consider the impact of an inaccurate or misleading valuation.

Whether you are looking to have jewelry appraised or simply suspect that a hefty inheritance is on your way, stop in for a chat with the experienced professionals at Lincroft. In the meantime, we invite you to visit us at Lincroft Village Jewelers to learn more about our exclusive array of products and services.